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Ecuador Trip Spring/Summer 2011 Prologue

The saying goes that that life begins at 40,  Well for me it is at 39 and a half. Why Ecuador I hear you ask, all through my life I have always be enthralled and in awe when watching documentaries or are looking at photographs involving the Rainforest, Even more so since I became involved with my local Wildlife Trust and took up Nature Photography/Entomology on the verge of Geekdom. Yes Ecuador it is a bit out of the norm for a trip and living/working/learning in the Rainforest will be a challenge and take me out of my comfort zone, But it will help my knowledge and expertise grow and I will also grow and come back as a new person.

Please note that due to my location I may not have much access to the Internet, I will be writing a daily blog but will only be able to upload it and photographs when I have Internet access. So please bear to me and subscribe to my blog then you will be informed when there are any updates.

I decided to  write  a blog to keep family, friends and colleagues up-to-date of my experience Also I will be interacting through my blog with Children from Red Lane Primary. If anyone else learns or decides to get involved because of this blog that would be fantastic. Once  back I have plans to develop other nature themed and informative blogs.

But for now I will leave you with a few final thoughts. (more…)