Diary for my Ecuador Trip with GVI


Dissection 2

Today I watched another dissection. This time it was a glass frog, and these are of extremely high importance as they are very rare due to the special habitat and conditions they need to live. Only a few have been found on this reserve or or in Ecuador, They are not an endangered species worldwide though.


Mid Phase Break

Well the 1st 5 weeks are over :(. Spending a long weekend in Tena sadly due to the Volcano in Banos erupting which means its not safe to  go there darn I was looking forward to it as well. Will have to save it for NEXT TIME.

Hectors Island – Sumak Allpa

For the special trip near the end of the 1st 5 weeks we went too Sumak  Allpa, which is own and run by Hetor who  may be small in stature but  huge on pressence and personality. We spent time on the Island doing Jobs for him  like helping to build a new building for the school  and we went looking for Woolly Mokeys in the  area of the island that is part of the reserve, it involved in wading  up up chest height at times  through water. It was scarry at times but I really eanjoyed it

The Aims of SumaK Allpa are  on endangered indigenous peoples – The Heritage and Language. And the Proctection of endangered monkeys and their habitat.

Please check thier website out and maybe be kind enough to support them anyway you can.  http://sumakallpa.org/