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Dilemma Dilemma

Dilemma they say Life Begins at 40 well as it approaches and this trip ends  soon, I am begining to think about things. Yes it has been a culture shock here but not all in a bad way and yes I have missed things but some not so much supprisingly. Life will be hard to adjust once home There will be changes I want but the big Dilemma  is just where is home. I love  being  here and its  opened my eyes and mind, I may  not have major  qualifications etc  but I do have a passion for Working with Children, Conservation and Photography – But am sure you knew that or guess that as would I of been here otherwise?. Now once home I will be Job Hunting  but as we know its pretty dire at the moment in the UK, I’m not working in a call center. The Question is will it be in Manchester or somewhere new even aboard?(Save The Childern ORG has come to mind). Well time will tell I know what my heart is saying but lets just see what happens.