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In at Deep End

Spent the last few days in Tena by myself as had a rather large ballooned ankle due to  an infection caused by Sandfly bites. It was tough going but Enjoyed it all. Got on the  but  from camp myself and even went to the Hospital  myself and it was lost in translation  at times or Spanglish, Well I copied and enjoyed the challenge of back to camp shortly with a much  improved ankle etc.


My Survey

Today I had my Btec Practical Where I had to Brief  and lead a Butterfly survey. I Passed and Andy who happens to be the Base Manager marked me and was impressed so :), He said Could improve a bit on my Leadership skills but to be honest am happy as I prefer and am better at being a team player. So those of you at LWT reading this (and there should  be a  few i’ll find  you out) will be shown soon how to hold and sex butterflies correctly and only  in depth surveys  now :p

Dissection 2

Today I watched another dissection. This time it was a glass frog, and these are of extremely high importance as they are very rare due to the special habitat and conditions they need to live. Only a few have been found on this reserve or or in Ecuador, They are not an endangered species worldwide though.