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Today myself and Olly  did an hours Tefl with the youngest class. We had to design a lesson to help them learn names of fruit and veg all the prep was fun. To be fair the children are actually rather bright so we got through things rather quickly so either repeated things or  thought up games there and then. A few of the children were wild or quiet but am used too this as have experience in working with children back home. It can feel like that even though they enjoy it they feel it is a novelty and do what they want if  not  involved and in an active lesson. To be fair its not like they have tefl Daily etc it may only be once a week or less.

But I loved it.


Casino Night

Tonight there was a Casino theme for our Saturday Fun Night.I entered myself and Ella in a wheelbarrow race as thats my best one. I was the wheelbarrow, We of course  won the 1st round I am that good lol but in the final I crashed n burned  ouch due too  the other teams coliding with me(threatened by my skill I think lol) but I could not recover from the face plant.

Puerto Rico

This afternoon a small group of us walked down n the road to a small village called Puerto Rico, It is a small but nice comunity, Sopme of  the guys  play football with the locals every weekend. There is a school where we do TEFL it only has two rooms one for the older children and one for the younger. Most Importantly for us is the local shop owned  by Don(Mr)Sanchez and his wife, they stock all sorts ofd nice treats which we love as camp food is ok but basic.